Salmo Swim School

Group Lesson Level Descriptions:

Level I: In this 30-minute class swimmers will begin bobbing, opening eyes under the water and retrieving submerged objects. Swimmers will work on front and back floats and finning. Swimmers will continue work on water adjustment, with emphasis on breath control, human stroke and sculling on back.

Level II: This 30-minute class continues work on rotary breathing, prone and supine floats. Swimmers will begin work on the front and back crawl. Swimmers will fully submerge and hold breath.

Level III: This class increases swimming competency and teaches personal safety and rescue skills. Class skills include: buoyancy skills, breath control, front crawl, elementary back stroke, back crawl introduction, turns and water entry and exit. Swimmers will work on sitting, kneeling and standing dives and rotary breathing.

Level IV & V: Swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards. Continuation of floating and sculling skills. Introduction to standing front dive, rotary breathing, front crawl and back crawl and treading water. Begin techniques for breaststroke, sidestroke, and familiarization with rescue breathing.


Upcoming Swim School Sessions:

Tuesday or Thursdays starting at 4PM depending on level placement.


    1. July 9th-August 2nd 2024
    2. August 13th-September 5th 2024
    3. September 17th-October 10th 2024
    4. October 22nd-November 14th 2024
    5. January 7th-January 30th 2025
    6. February 4th- February 27th 2025

Remember you’re never too old to learn to swim!

  • Offerings for individuals 6 mos. to adult.
  • Call 231-536-2250 to sign up Today!
  • 1/2 hour per lesson 
  • 4 Week Sessions
  • $25 for EJ School District Residents/ $30 for all others.

A great opportunity to learn about water safety, fitness and swimming!


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